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Cisco Room Kit hybrid meeting rooms – the University's centrally-supported solution

The University has chosen the Cisco Room Kit as its preferred, centrally-supported solution. There are Cisco hybrid meeting rooms at many locations around the Collegiate University estate. Some are available for anyone to book and use, while others are restricted to members of the institution in which they are located. 

The Cisco Room Kit equipment is designed specifically to support meetings between in-room and remote participants. 

  • microphones track active participants and output the best sound quality 
  • background noise in the meeting room is actively cancelled 
  • cameras automatically spotlight the active speaker in the room 

The system is easy to use. It is integrated with Microsoft Teams and supports WebEx and Zoom meetings. It does not support Google Meet.


Zoom Conference Room Connector (CRC) licence required

To join a Zoom meeting using the Room Kit, either the meeting host or an in-room participant must have a Zoom Conference Room Connector (CRC) licence.

University-managed Zoom CRC licences

The University has a Zoom account, managed by UIS, that has CRC licenses. If you hold a small Zoom account and would like to become part of the University account, please contact the Telecoms Helpdesk at


Overview of the Room Kit solution


Information for institutions 

UIS provides an installation and maintenance service for centrally-funded hybrid meeting rooms using the Cisco Room Kit. See: Information for institutions and IT staff