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University Information Services

We'll notify you by email with an exact date for the cancellation of your UIS accounts. Here are some tips on what you should do before you leave.

What happens when you leave

We'll email you via your @cam email address well in advance to let you know the date on which your UIS accounts will be cancelled. The full calendar of annual account cancellations is available here.

If you're a student and have applied to continue to a further degree, we'll email you to confirm that we're aware of the application and that your accounts won't be cancelled if you continue to study at the University.

Things to do before you leave

Move your data 

Make sure you have copies of any files you've saved in University accounts that you want to keep. For example, make sure you've copied files from your University Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts. You'll lose access to these accounts after you leave. All your emails and files will be permanently deleted from your account 90 days after it is closed. Any files and folders held in Google drive will be deleted at least 12 months after your account is closed - please ensure you have taken copies of, rather than shared, any files you may need in the future. Alternatively you can move any shared files you own into a shared drive to ensure they continue to be available to your collaborators. You may wish to purchase your own licence/subscription to Microsoft's Office suites on the Microsoft web store and/or create a free Google account

Set up an auto-reply for your @cam email address

You can arrange for an auto-reply, giving a contact email address, to be sent to anyone who emails your @cam address. To set this up:

  1. Go to your Lookup profile and select 'Edit'.



  2. Find the 'Leaving email address' field near the bottom of the page then select ‘Add’.



  3. Enter your future contact email address in the 'Value' field. Remember to select 'Save' at the bottom of the page once you've added the email address.



Auto-replies will not be sent to internal email addresses until 90 days after your University account is cancelled, when your mailbox is deleted. You can set up automatic forwarding to an alternative email address to direct internal mail during this period, or you can set up an auto-reply in the Outlook web app.

Please note that the ability to set up auto-replies is subject to further changes as a new University email address allocation and retention policy is being piloted. 

Unsubscribe from mailing lists

If you have subscribed to any mailing lists, please remember to cancel them in SYMPA (Sympa Mailing lists service on - home) before you leave by clicking my lists, click on each list and selecting 'Unsubscribe'.

Transfer ownership of any University Society resources

Please remember to arrange to transfer ownership of any society resources, such as group-owned DS filespaces, to the person who will be looking after them in the next academic year.

Subscribe to the alumni magazine

To make sure that you receive CAM, the University's alumni magazine, when you leave Cambridge please visit and register your details. You will also find information on the Alumni Travel Programme, the Alumni Weekend and other benefits available to alumni on the same web site.

Alumni email address

If you're eligible, you should receive an email from the Development and Alumni Relations office about setting up an alumni email address around the time you complete your studies. If you have not received an email or if you cannot find it, please try setting up your alumni email account using the set up your alumni email account instructions. 

Transferring your student email into your alumni account

You may wish to move the contents of your student email account into your alumni account before your student account is closed. See: Alumni email migration.

When you have left

Your University account (formerly Raven)

Your University account will be transformed into a 'Raven for Life' account, which gives you access to a limited range of University resources:

  • the Lookup directory, where you'll be able to:
    • access publicly available information
    • maintain your contact information and control who can see it
    • set a contact email address for auto-replies from your @cam address (this is subject to change as a new University email address allocation and retention policy is being piloted)
  • CamSIS (extended self-service options only, from 16 June 2015 onwards)

These 'Raven for Life' accounts are available to staff, students and academic visitors who left Cambridge from 2013 onwards.


You will no longer be able to access the eduroam wifi service after you have left the University.