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When Raven identifies you to a website it supplies various pieces of information about you. This is usually the minimum set of information needed to deliver the service to you, for example a website may use your CRSid as the login name for your account.

Some service providers are under contract to the University to provide access to their websites and require additional information to create an account for you. This is usually information the service needs to personalise an account for your use. Raven may make available values of SurnameRegistered NameDisplay NameRolesInstitution names and IDsE-mail addressesUniversity status, and Group names and IDs with values derived from lookup, but only to web sites operated within the University and always subject to each user's choice of attribute visibility. Finally, some external websites now support the use of an "institutional single sign on" such as Raven. These may not be directly under contract to the University but may still offer services that are relevant to you.

What information Raven supplies under these circumstances is controlled by the Raven/Shibboleth Attribute Release Policy. You will always be asked to approve release of such information the first time you access a site that works in this way, and whenever the information being released changes thereafter. The attributes to be released depends on the website and what information it needs to enable you to access the service it provides. Below is an example of the additional attribute release screen that is displayed by Raven. 

The attributes that may be made available in this way is growing as the wider single-sign on ecosystem develops. You can find a full list of the available attributes in the published technical documentation for Raven. These are covered by the Attributes released by Raven SAML 2.0 and OAuth2 ID Token Claims sections. Attribute names starting eduPerson are derived from the eduPerson LDAP schema in which they are defined.

The release of attributes by Raven is governed by the Raven/Shibboleth Attribute Release Policy.