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EndNote versions 8 or higher can handle Unicode text in non-Roman alphabets correctly although sorting is still problematic as lists containing Roman and non-Roman characters sort in Unicode order rather than phonetic order, which may not be what you want. You need to be aware that libraries containing non-Roman characters which were created by older versions of EndNote will not be correctly converted when opened by version 8 or higher.

If you are importing references containing non-Roman characters from an online source it is important to set EndNote's "text translation" option to match the encoding of the original source (e.g. a UTF-8 source must be imported with Text Translation set as Unicode (UTF-8).

If you are entering foreign-language text manually then you need to be aware that the common MS Word shortcuts will not be available. On a Windows machine you will normally need to enable and switch to one of the foreign-language keyboards.

The Computing Service runs a course on basic use of EndNote each term (see Endnote for Bibliographies courses). If you need further help, or if you can't attend the course and would like a copy of the course workbook, email 


Last updated: June 2014