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Make or answer calls from anywhere

With a call plan enabled by the University, you can call almost anyone from Teams. It works best with a headset, but you can also use the speakers and mic on your device.

  • Internal contacts: you can choose either Video call or Audio call.
  • External contacts: you can only select Audio call.

Dial a number using the keypad

  1. Go to Calls
  2. Enter the number using the keypad (you don't need to prefix external numbers with a 9)
  3. Select Call

Call a Contact

  1. Go to Calls
  2. Type the name of your contact in the dial pad text box
  3. Select Call

Call multiple people

  1. Go to Calls
  2. Type the names or numbers in the dial pad text box
  3. Select Call

Answer a call

  1. When someone calls you, you'll get a notification
  2. Select either Video call or Audio call when prompted


More ways to make calls

Turn a chat into a call

With one click, you can make any chat into a call in Teams. When you're in a chat:

  1. Select Video call or Audio call in the upper-right corner of Teams
  2. The person/group you are chatting with will receive a call from you 

Make a call from your call history

Access your call history and quickly call anyone back from the list:

  1. Go to Calls
  2. Review the History section in the centre of the screen
  3. Select any item from the list and then choose Call in the Details section on the right

Make a call from your speed dial

From your speed dial, you can quickly call people that you previously saved to this list:

  1. Go to Call
  2. Find the Speed dial section on the right side of Teams

Make a call from your voicemail

From your voicemail, you can quickly call back anyone who left a message:

  1. Go to History
  2. Select the Voicemail button in the upper right
  3. Select More actions … next to a name
  4. Select Call back from the call history list or select Call under their contact details

Make a call from your Contacts

  1. Select Calls > Contacts in the upper left
  2. Selecting Call to the right of your Contact's name

Hover over someone's profile picture

  1. Mouse over a profile picture to see the calling options (you can only video call internal contacts)
  2. Select either the Video or Audio call icon to begin a call

Use the command box

You can type a shortcut into the search bar (command box) at the top:

  1. Type /call in the search bar
  2. Start typing a name or number
  3. Select one of the auto-suggestions to start the call