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What is OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service that enables you to store, share and sync your files that are personal to you, and to collaborate with others.

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Files stored in OneDrive can be managed via a web browser or dedicated app, you can also sync local folders from your device to the cloud storage. OneDrive is best suited for sharing with small groups of people, if you wish to share with a wider audience then a SharePoint site might be more appropriate.


What OneDrive gives you

OneDrive is best suited for working documents that are personal to you. If you want to share documents with your team or a wider group, you should use a SharePoint site. This means that other people can access them if you’re away or once you have left the University.

  • 1TB storage space for staff and students (100GB for visitors and guests)*
  • Large file uploads up to 100GB supported
  • Integration with Office365 apps and Microsoft Teams
  • Files on Demand reduces local storage space use

*The storage limits are governed by the license on your account (100GB for A1, 1TB for A3 and A5). We are not able to reallocate storage space between users in the tenant so it is not possible to purchase additional OneDrive storage.

What you can store on OneDrive

OneDrive is suitable for high impact data (level 2).

OneDrive is not suitable for:

  • health data where individual patients are named or can be identified
  • data that is subject to a specific contractual agreement that specifies a particular storage method (that is not OneDrive)
  • data that is subject to a specific contractual agreement that prohibits storage in a public cloud service

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How OneDrive compares with other storage services

You can find out more about how OneDrive compares with other storage services we offer including SharePoint, Google Drive and Dropbox. 

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How to access OneDrive


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