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IT Help and Support

University Information Services

Custodians look after additional services of the booking such as room layout, catering and facilities.

The specific rooms that you look after are set up by a department manager.

You can also see all the regular bookings without additional service requests.


The emails you will receive

When someone books a room and asks for additional services, you will get an email with details of the request, such as:

  • Room layout (such as position of tables)
  • IT/AV requirements (not currently in use)
  • Cleaning (not currently in use)
  • Catering (not currently in use)
  • Caretaking (not currently in use)

The only ‘additional service request’ the UoC Booker currently in use is the ‘room layouts’ request. For the others which aren’t currently in use, please contact to find out about these features.

An example of an email:

Here you can see the user who requested the change and further details of the booking, in this case the description of a ‘requested layout’.


Your home view

Your ‘Home’ tab shows a calendar view for all the rooms in any building that you look after.

If you switch to ‘Agenda’ view you can see list view of all these bookings.


The orange clipboard icon indicating any booking with an additional service request.