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University Information Services

Wifi coverage around the University

The Wireless Service provides wifi coverage in all departments and many Colleges and outdoor locations throughout the University and city centre. You can see full details of where wifi is available.

We support the following wifi networks:

  • eduroam: for staff and students
  • UniOfCam-IoT: for personal devices that cannot connect to eduroam
  • UniOfCam-Guest: for University guests


Wifi for staff and students: eduroam

Set this up once and stay connected to the network around Cambridge. You can also pick up wifi in thousands of locations around the world.

Connect to eduroam


Wifi for personal devices that cannot connect to eduroam: UniOfCam-IoT

You can connect personal devices that cannot log in via eduroam to UniOfCam-IoT. This includes:

  • media streaming devices like Apple TV
  • virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa
  • smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home
  • equipment such as printers

Connect to the UniOfCam-IoT


Wifi for guests UniOfCam-Guest

You can register for a wireless connection through UniOfCam-Guest using an email address or social media account.

Connect to UniofCam-Guest


IT Staff

You can find technical information on setting up and maintaining wireless networks.

Read technical information about wireless networks


Manage your network access tokens

A network access token is a combination of username and password that you can use to connect to the eduroam wifi network or the UIS Virtual Private Network. University staff and students can create new tokens and manage their existing tokens via the UIS network access tokens website.

Find out more about managing network access tokens


Get help

If you're having problems connecting to any of the wifi networks, please look through our troubleshooting tips or contact the Service Desk