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IT Help and Support

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There are 3 ways to share your screen with in-room and remote participants:

Teams, Zoom or WebEx app

Note: Google Meet is not supported.

  1. Join the Teams, Zoom or WebEx meeting using the app on your personal device 
  2. Tap the Screen share icon in your meeting app


Cisco Proximity app (wifi)

We do not recommend you share wirelessly when you need to stream large data files such as videos.

Note: Cisco has withdrawn support for mobile devices.

  1. Get the free Windows or macOS app at:
  2. Connect to wifi then open the Proximity app
    Your device will automatically connect to the Room Kit
  3. Tap Share screen
  4. Tap Stop sharing to disconnect your device afterwards


HDMI cable

Laptops without an HDMI port need an adapter. We advise you to bring your own as there may not be one available in the room.

  1. Connect your device to the Room Kit’s big screen using the HDMI cable provided
  2. Tap Share Screen on the control panel:


  4. Select Laptop:


  5. Tap Stop sharing to disconnect your device afterwards