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The following instructions are for macOS Ventura (13).

Please refer to our separate instructions if your Mac is running Monterey, Big Sur, CatalinaMojave or High Sierra.


  1. Install McAfee
  2. Grant Full Disk Access to McAfee components
  3. Enable McAfee now that security access has been granted

Download and install

Download Download and install McAfee anti-malware software for Mac.


Enable full disk access

macOS has additional protections for applications accessing user data. McAfee Endpoint Protection requires Full Disk Access privileges to function correctly.


Open System Settings, Security & Privacy and choose Full Disk Access.



Select + to add an item to the list.


Press Command + Shift + G to bring up the 'Go to the folder' window.


Type in /usr/local/McAfee/fmp/bin64/fmpd and press Enter.


Choose fmpd is highlighted and select Open.


Toggle the slider next to the item you've added to enable access.



Repeat steps 2–6 with the following paths:

1.  /Applications/McAfee Endpoint Security for
2.  /usr/local/McAfee/AntiMalware/VShieldScanner
3.  /usr/local/McAfee/AntiMalware/



When you have completed these steps, the Full Disk Access menu should look like this (other applications may also be listed). You can close System Settings.

Enable threat protection

Now all of the pre-requisites have been met, you can enable McAfee. 


Open McAfee Endpoint Security from the Applications menu.


Choose Preferences from the McAfee Endpoint Security menu.



Select the padlock to enable changes and enter the login password you use when logging into your Mac.


Set Threat Prevention to On.

mcafee enabled

Uninstall the software

If you wish to uninstall McAfee software because you're experiencing problems or want to perform a fresh reinstallation, download and run this package. 

Download McAfee uninstaller



We recommend installing the latest hotfix:

Download There are currently no hotfixes

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