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If you set up eduroam before 12 January 2024 you will need to reconnect by following the instructions below. Your existing eduroam connection will stop working on 31 January 2024 if you do not. It's the same process for existing users who are refreshing their eduroam connection and new users who are setting up eduroam for the first time.

Before you start

  • Only the versions of iOS still receiving updates from Apple (currently iOS versions 16 or 17) are supported on University Wireless. Older versions of iOS software no longer receive security updates and may have incompatible software or drivers required to connect to the latest access points.
  • Any devices over 5 years' old may not connect and will not be supported.
  • Make sure you are in a location where the eduroam wireless network is available.
  • You might find it easier to open these instructions on a different device than the one you are setting up. This allows you to refer to the instructions while you’re going through each step.


Step 1: Connect to UniOfCam-Guest wifi network temporarily

You need to be online while you set up eduroam. You should connect via UniOfCam-Guest or another local wifi network if your College doesn't offer UniOfCam-Guest. Or you could use your mobile data.


Step 2: Remove any existing profiles if you’ve connected to eduroam before

If you've previously installed an eduroam profile on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to remove the existing eduroam profile first. If you previously connected to eduroam but didn't install the profile, you can skip this step.

If you do not remove the old profile you may see a warning message that says “Profile Installation Failed. Remove the profile "eduroam" before installing this profile.” 

To remove an existing eduroam profile: 

  1. go to 'Settings' then select 'General' 
  2. select 'VPN & Device Management' 
  3. select 'eduroam'. On the next screen select 'Remove profile' 


Step 3: Create a network access token

Create a network access token for your iPhone or iPad. If you've connected to eduroam previously we still recommend that you create a new network access token.

You need to create a separate token for each of your devices and for each service. For example, if you want to connect to eduroam and the UIS VPN from both your laptop and phone, you need to create 4 tokens.

Use a meaningful username following the format It may be helpful to add the year if you've created network tokens previously. For example, You will need to use lower case.

Keep the window with the new network access token open as you will need this when you are asked to enter a username and password later. 

Create a new network access token on the Networks Access Token website


Step 4: Download and install the eduroam profile

  1. If you're following these instructions on a desktop computer, scan the QR code below using the camera on your iPhone or iPad. Or you could enter the following web address into your browser: You will see this web page on your device.



  2. Download the iOS mobile configuration file. You must be using Safari or Chrome, other web browsers will not work. This configuration file stops the Apple Keychain from trying to share your password between devices which can stop eduroam working. 

    Download the iOS mobile configuration file (6.6 KB). 

  3.  You'll see a message asking if you want to download a configuration profile. Select 'Allow' to confirm the download. 



  4. You'll then see a message confirming that the profile downloaded and asking you to 'Review the profile in the Settings app if you want to install it'. Select 'Close'.

    Open 'Settings' and then select 'Profile Downloaded'.



  5. Check the details and select 'Install' in the top right corner.



  6. Select 'Install' again.



  7. When asked to enter a username, enter the new network access token username that you created earlier. This should be in the format, for example,



    Then select 'Next'. 

  8. When asked for a password, manually type the password for the network access token you created for this device earlier.



  9. You'll see this screen confirming that the profile has been installed. Select 'Done'.



Step 5: Forget the UniOfCam-Guest network

Forget the UniOfCam-Guest network or your local College wifi network, if used during the set-up steps. This ensures you will connect to eduroam wifi network whenever in range.

  1. Go to 'Settings' and then 'Wi-Fi' (it might be under Settings > General > Network and Wi-Fi on older versions of iOS)
  2. Select the 'i' symbol to the right of UniOfCam-Guest.
  3. Make sure that 'Auto-Join' is off.



Your device should now automatically connect to eduroam wifi whenever an access point is in range. If it doesn't work, double-check the above steps, particularly making sure you entered your user name and password correctly.


Get help

If you're still unable to connect, please look through our troubleshooting guide or report an issue with the Service Desk.