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Book a room

The following instructions are for booking a room by logging into Booker in your web browser.

You can also book a room via a room display panel.


  1. Decide if you need to book the room now, or later.
    Available Rooms - Your home page will show all the rooms available for immediate booking.  
    Search - use the Search panel on the left to find rooms which are available at a future date and time. 


  2. Select Book on your chosen room. A pop-up window will ask whether your booking is for internal university business.
    Select Yes or No as appropriate.


  3. Fill in the booking form as needed, and select Next.


  4. This step is optional for when you have chosen to invite external/internal guests.
    If you ticked 'Yes' for the 'Invite guests and book in external visitors' section previously, the guests page will appear.
    Type in the search field for an existing Booker user, or complete the fields manually.
    Select Invite Guest to add guests to the list.
    Select Next to continue.


  5. This step is optional for when you have chosen additional help or services.
    If you ticked 'Yes' for the ‘Request additional help or services’ section previously, the request page will appear. If applicable to your room, use this to request:
    • IT or AV assistance
    • Cleaning services
    • Caretaking services
    • Particular room layout

    Select Next to continue.


  6. Select Make Booking to complete your booking request.