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If you set up eduroam before 16 December 2023 you will need to reconnect by following the instructions below. Your existing eduroam connection will stop working on 31 January 2024 if you do not. It's the same process for existing users who are refreshing their eduroam connection and new users who are setting up eduroam for the first time.

Before you start

You can connect an Apple HomePod to:

You must be using audioOS 16.4 on your HomePod to connect to eduroam.  These instructions were carried out using a HomePod Mini.

Visit Apple's support website for information about checking which software version your HomePod is running and how to update it. 

Before you begin, make sure you are in a location where the eduroam or UniOfCam-IoT wireless network is available.

You might find it easier to open these instructions on a different device than the one you are using to set up the HomePod.

Step 1: Connect to UniOfCam-Guest wifi network temporarily

You need to connect to an existing internet connection on your iOS device.

You should connect via UniOfCam-Guest or another local wifi network if your College doesn't offer UniOfCam-Guest. Or you could use your mobile data.

Step 2: Create a network access token

Create a network access token for your Homepod. If you've connected to eduroam previously we still recommend that you create a new network access token.

Use a meaningful username following the format It may be helpful to add the year if you've created network tokens previously. For example, You will need to use lower case.

Keep the window with the new network access token open as you will need this when you are asked to enter a username and password later. 

Create a new network access token on the Networks Access Token website

Step 3: Configure eduroam

  1. You need to reconfigure your existing eduroam settings on your iOS device to use the network access token you created for your HomePoad. You'll need to remove the existing profile and reinstall it. Make sure you use the new network access token username and password that you created for the HomePod instead of the token you created for your phone. 

  2. Check that you have successfully connected to eduroam on your iOS device.

  3. Continue with the HomePod setup process using your iOS device. You should be prompted to complete the steps.

  4. Once the set-up is complete your eduroam profile will be synced across to the HomePod from the device you are using to set it up. The HomePod should now connect to eduroam using its own username and token.

  5. Once the set-up process is complete you should re-configure the iOS device you used to set the HomePod up. This time use the original username and token you set up for your phone. You can manage your tokens on the Network Access Tokens website and use 'Reset' to generate a new token if don't know what the original one was.


Get help

If you're still unable to connect, please look through our troubleshooting guide or report an issue with the Service Desk.