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You can connect an Apple HomePod to:

You must be using audioOS 16.4 on your HomePod to connect to eduroam.  

Visit Apple's support website for information about checking which software version your HomePod is running and how to update it. 

Before you begin, make sure you are in a location where the eduroam or UniOfCam-IoT wireless network is available.

Special eduroam profile for HomePods

The HomePod set-up process copies across some settings from the device you are using to set it up, including currently connected wifi configuration. However, our standard eduroam profile for Apple devices will not work on the HomePod due to certificate issues.

You must run a special profile on the device you are using to connect the HomePod to eduroam, and then go through the set-up process

During set-up, the special profile will be synced across and the HomePod will be able to connect to eduroam. You should then revert to using the standard eduroam profile on the device you used to set the HomePod up

Set up your HomePod to connect to eduroam

You might find it easier to open these instructions on a different device than the one you are using to set up the HomePod.

These instructions were carried out using a HomePod Mini.

  1. Make sure you’re online. You need to connect to an existing internet connection on your iOS device. You can connect via UniOfCam-Guest or your mobile network.

  2. Create a new network access token for your HomePod. You need to create a separate token for each of your devices. Use a meaningful username such as or similar. You will need to include the '+' symbol when you create your username and use lower case. Keep the window with the new network access token open as you will need this when you are asked to enter a username and password later.

    Create a new network access token on the Networks Access Tokens website.

  3. Open this webpage using the Safari browser on your iOS device:

  4. Download the special eduroam profile on your iPhone or iPad but don’t install it yet. You will need to enter your email address and University account password (formerly Raven) to download this file from the website.

    Download the special eduroam profile.

  5. Disconnect your device from eduroam in your wifi settings.

  6. Remove the existing eduroam profile. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management. Select eduroam underneath 'Configuration Profile' and then select 'Remove Profile'.

  7. Run the new profile that you downloaded. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management. Select 'eduroam (public cert)' from the downloaded profile then select 'Install'. Enter your Passcode and then select 'Install' again.

  8. You will then be prompted to add the username and token that you created in step 2. Your username should be in the format, for example, Some browsers can add extra spaces when you copy and paste so if your password isn't working, try typing it instead

  9. You should now be connected to eduroam. Check this in your wifi settings before continuing.

  10. Continue with the HomePod setup process using your set-up device. You should be prompted on your device's screen.

  11. Once the set-up is complete your eduroam profile will be synced across to the HomePod. The Homepod should now connect to eduroam.

  12. You should now re-configure the device you used to set the HomePod to use the standard eduroam profile and its original username and token. You can manage your tokens on the Network Access Tokens website and use 'Reset' to generate a new password if needed.

  13. Download the standard eduroam profile and repeat steps 3 to 6 with this profile.


Get help

If you're still unable to connect, please look through our troubleshooting guide or contact the Service Desk: