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Viva Engage (formerly Microsoft Yammer) is a enterprise social networking service used for communication.

What is Viva Engage?Yammer

Viva Engage is a enterprise social networking service used for communication. It's part of the Microsoft 365 for Education service. Viva Engage helps you to connect and engage across the University so you can discuss ideas, share updates and network with others. It is an ideal tool to use for communities or practice due to its integration to other apps within the M365 cloud service.


What are the benefits?

  • Connect and openly engage across the University.
  • Create and edit documents, take notes and share resources as a group.
  • Use polls to crowd source feedback and get answers quicker.
  • Join groups to stay informed and connect with the University community.
  • Share ideas across the University community.


How do I access it?

Viva Engage can be accessed in multiple ways. You can:

If you are using a Managed Desktop workstation please contact your IT System Administrator to ask for centralised deployment of the Yammer clients to your workstations.


How do I manage email notifications?

if you are receiving email notifications about Viva Engage and would like to turn them off, please follow these instructions


How do I get help?

Popular help topics: