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  1. Open the Chromium app on the tablet and type this URL into the address bar:




  2. Tap 'Sign in with your Raven Credentials' and log in to Booker


  3. Configure the tablet to its relevant configuration – see guide

  4. Once configured, tap on the address bar to highlight the URL, tap the pencil icon and choose 'Copy' from the pop-up menu


  5. Open the Fully Kiosk Browser app and paste the copied URL into the 'Start URL' box


  6. Leave all over settings as default and select 'Start Using Fully'


  7. You can now either watch the 'How to Start' video or continue with the instructions below

  8. Swipe right from the left side of the screen


  9. Navigate through the optional settings in the configuration menu as required



  10. Once you have configured your settings, select 'Kiosk Mode (Plus)' from the 'Settings' menu


  11. Enable Kiosk mode by toggling on the 'Enable Kiosk mode' toggle


  12. Select 'Kiosk Mode PIN'


  13. Enter a PIN that will be required to access Fully Kiosk settings in the future

  14. Select the back arrow to come out

  15. Select 'OK' on the 'Permissions Required' pop-up


  16. Choose 'Allow' or 'Deny' on the 'Allow Fully Kiosk Browser to access photos, media and files on your device?' pop-up


  17. Toggle on 'Allow display over other apps', then press the back arrow


  18. Select 'Fully Kiosk Browser' from the 'Usage access' screen


  19. Toggle on 'Permit usage access' and navigate out by selecting the back arrow


  20. Tap 'Yes' on the 'Switch Kiosk Mode on?'


  21. Select 'Fully Kiosk Browser' as the Home app…



  22. ...and select 'Always'


  23. Tap 'Sign in with your Raven Credentials' and log in to Booker


  24. Restart the tablet

  25. Fully Kiosk should start up automatically and set the display, for example:




Make changes to the Fully Kiosk app configuration

To make changes to the Fully Kiosk configuration, follow step 8 and enter the pre-configured pin.



Disable the Fully Kiosk app

To disable the Fully Kiosk, select 'Kiosk Mode (Plus)' and toggle the slider to 'off'