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There are a number of tablets that can be configured for use with Booker. One that we've found works well is the ProDVX APPC-10SLBN. You can find out more about the ProDVX APPC-10SLBN tablet on the ProDVX website.

Key features of the ProDVX APPC-10SLBN tablet

  • Seamless integration with Booker: The ProDVX seamlessly integrates with the Booker Room Booking System, ensuring real-time updates and accurate information about the room availability.
  • 10-inch touchscreen: ensures clear visibility of room availability, schedules and booking details.
  • Surround indicator light: seamless switching from green to red, as and when the room is in use (requires separate API configuration).
  • Interactive interfaceusers can effortlessly book, extend, or cancel a booking directly from the tablet.
  • Securityby installing the Fully Kiosk Browser the tablet is fully secure and tamper-proof.
  • Mounting flexibilitycan be mounted on walls, desks or stands. It provides versatile installation options to suit your office environment.

The ProDVX APPC-10SLBN is also the current tablet supported by the UIS Hybrid Meeting Room Team. For more information please visit the Hybrid Meeting Room team's web page.

How to buy

You can buy this tablet either through your existing department procurement procedures, or through University Information Services (UIS). Just email the UIS team at for the procurement of the device.  You will need to configure the devices yourself, please see Get Started section below. 

Get Started

Instructions for installing the Fully Kiosk Browser app

Instructions on configuring the ProDVX tablet to display the department's room within Booker

Key specifications and requirements to consider for other tablets

If you’d like to buy a different tablet, these are the specifications and features the team has identified to work well with Booker:

  • 10" Touchscreen Tablet, with a minimum resolution of 1280x800
  • Supports Power of Ethernet (PoE) or a separate data and power ports
  • Supports a host of modern web browsers and browser updates
  • Capable of full screen/lock capability for security

As Booker is a cloud-based application, the use of tablets or panels is through a specific URL setup for each room or resource via a web browser (and not App-based).  The team is aware not all tablets support the application and therefore we recommend trialing and testing other tablets with the application before purchasing.