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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing platform that you can use to host meetings or webinars online.

The University has set up a central Zoom account that all institutions can join. This reduces the overall admin burden of maintaining many licences and potentially lowers costs for individual institutions by consolidating the University's spend. 


When could I use Zoom?

Microsoft Teams is the University's main collaboration tool and we encourage you to use this for most of your online meetings. You may decide, however, that Zoom is best suited for a specific meeting. For example, if you're hosting a virtual meeting or webinar with lots of external participants.

If you’re already using a paid Zoom account for some of your virtual meetings, you can now transfer your account to the centrally-managed University Zoom account.


Benefits of using the University Zoom account

  • Microsoft 365 integration means you can log in using your University account (formerly Raven).
  • Your scheduled Zoom calls will appear in your Outlook and Teams calendars (this feature is not available to external institutions or Colleges that do not use the central University Microsoft 365 tenancy).
  • You can hold hybrid Zoom meetings in the University’s Cisco Hybrid meeting rooms by using one of the pooled Conference Room Connector (CRC) licences.
  • Licensing costs could be reduced for departments and institutions.
  • You don’t have to administer your own Zoom subscription.
  • Centralised cloud storage for recordings.


Who can use the University Zoom account?

If you are a member of staff from departments and institutions that already have a paid Zoom account, you can now transfer it to the University Zoom account. You will need an active CRSid to log in to the managed University Zoom account.

When your account is migrated, your pre-booked Zoom meeting IDs will remain valid, but your private meeting ID will change.

You can also request access to the University Zoom account if you do not have an existing Zoom account.

We can also register your deparment's domain with our Zoom account to prevent users creating their own Zoom contract. Contact us at to request this.

Shared accounts

Under section 1.2 of Zoom's terms of service, sharing of accounts is not permitted: "You may not share an account, Host rights, or any other user rights with any other individual, unless otherwise expressly pre-approved by Zoom in writing." Therefore, UIS will not support the creation of role-based or generic Zoom account IDs in the UIS Zoom service.

If you need to allow someone other than the meeting organiser to start a meeting or present in a meeting, Zoom has several options – see the user guide on roles in a meeting.


Meeting capacity

We are purchasing "education" licenses for Zoom, which permits a meeting capacity of 300 attendees.


Cloud recording storage

As part of the license package, we are also providing Zoom cloud storage for recordings. Recordings will automatically be deleted after 120 days. If you wish to keep the recording beyond 120 days you will need to download and store the recording elsewhere.

Unauthenticated access to recordings has been disabled.


Delegated administration

We are not currently providing a delegated option for adding and removing users from the UIS Zoom account. All requests for changes should be made to


Licences are annual but will be billed monthly as part of your usual Telecoms invoice, this allows us to charge new users pro-rata for their initial license.

Licence renewals will take place in November each year. Departments will be contacted in advance to confirm individual users’ licences to renew or cancel.  Licenses can not be cancelled or transferred at any other point during the year. 

Zoom Individual Annual Licence

  • £22 per year plus VAT.  The per-user cost will be reviewed annually to ensure UIS' costs are being covered by the fees charged. UIS is aiming to break-even with the license costs for Zoom. These licenses are usually assigned in 2 to 3 working days.

Zoom Webinar 500 – Annual Licence

  • £547.14 per year plus VAT.
  • Host webinars with up to 500 participants.
  • Users must also have an individual licence.
  • Whilst we aim to hold a small stock of the Webinar 500 add-on, these may take 2 weeks to apply if we are out of stock. 

Zoom Webinar 1000 – Annual Licence

  • £2696.00 per year plus VAT.
  • Host webinars with up to 1000 participants.
  • Users must also have an individual licence.
  • We do not hold stock of these licenses, please allow 2 weeks for these to be applied to a user. 

Large Meeting 1000 – Annual Licence

  • £856.38 per year plus VAT.
  • Host large meetings with up to 1000 participants.
  • Users must also have an individual licence.
  • We do not hold stock of these licenses, please allow 2 weeks for these to be applied to a user. 

How to join the University’s Zoom account

If you have an existing Zoom account you want to migrate

If you already have a paid Zoom account, you can migrate your account to the University’s Zoom account.

Please email your completed forms to

If you want a new Zoom account

Licenses for new users can be requested by your local Telecoms Liaison Officers (TLOs) using the following order forms:

TLOs must upload the completed forms using a Service Request Form on the Self Service Portal.

Once you have a licence, you can access the service at


Get help and support

Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you need help.