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University Information Services

A Managed Mail Domain (MMD) provides a simple way for an institution to maintain a set of role aliases and 'friendly' email names for its permanent staff without the overhead of running its own mail server.

Previosuly MMDs were run off of the central mail switch system (ppsw) and managed by a text interface on Hermes. The new system is run through Office 365's Exchange Online and is managed by a web interface.

No new domains are being created on the old PPSW/Hermes system and all new domains are being created in Exchange Online. When a new domain is added to Exchange Online, we are also creating all the necessary SPF/DMARC DNS records to help prevent spoofing of email from the MMD.

Domains currently on the PPSW/Hermes MMD will need to be migrated to Exchange Online. To request a domain to be migrated to Exchange Online, please contact the UIS Service Desk. Prior to migrating a domain, domain owners should:

  • Perform an audit of their MMD entries to ensure all the entries are still needed and are accurate.
  • Exchange Online based MMDs operate differently to PPSW/Hermes MMDs and do not support an address sending to multiple recipients. Instead, the address should be amended to use one of the options on the "Email groups and list" page.