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What is Tableau Server

Tableau Server is a business intelligence application. It provides a centralised, secure platform for the University to manage, share, and collaborate on data. This includes data visualisations, data sources and dashboards.

Tableau Server offers a wealth of data and insights. This includes data about:

  • students
  • staff
  • research
  • finance
  • admissions

You can explore this information. Or share your own data and insights with other Tableau users. 

You can access data on your computer or phone, making it simple for everyone across the University to use and share data insights.

Who can use it

All University and College staff with a CRSid and University account password (formerly Raven). You are automatically granted Tableau Viewer access when you sign into Tableau Server.


Using Tableau Server makes working with data easy and effective. The benefits include:

  • All your data is in one place. Keep data and visualisations in one secure place, ensuring consistency and reducing redundancies.
  • Enhanced collaboration. Teams can easily share dashboards and reports, and view dashboards and reports produced by other teams. This facilitates collaboration and collective decision-making. Users can comment, edit, and build on each other's work.
  • Safety first. Only the right people can see and use the data, keeping it safe and secure.
  • Access anywhere. Look at your data on any device, whether you are at your desk or on the go.
  • Connect to other services. Easily connect to different data sources like databases and cloud services.
  • Easy to use. The simple interface means anyone can use it without much training.


It's free to use. 

How to access Tableau Server

  1. Go to the University of Cambridge Tableau Server.
  2. Enter your CRSid in the username field and your University account password. 

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