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Once you've followed the initial steps to set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can set up verification using an app.

We recommend and can provide support with using the Microsoft Authenticator app: how to set up Microsoft Authenticator

We have also tested Twilio Authy and can confirm that it works with University Microsoft accounts: how to set up Twilio Authy. Note that you'll need to set up account with a third party to use this app.

Accessing Teams

The next time you use Teams, make sure you're signed in. Look out for a thin notification banner at the top of the application window that asks you to sign in – it's easy to miss!

Update the settings on your email apps

You may need to update the settings on the email apps you use to access your University email account after your MFA is set up.

Managing your authentication methods

You can change, remove and update your authentication methods in your University Microsoft account.