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Different change statuses in HEAT

There are 7 possible statuses for changes in HEAT. These represent a lifecycle of a change rather than a set of options. The system has other statuses available, but these are the only ones UIS is making use of currently.

Pending Approval

This is the initial state of a change. It has been entered but not assessed by a change manager or the Change Advisory Board.


The specified change is due to be carried out by the change implementor at the agreed time and date.


The change has been cancelled. This could either be at the request of the change implementor due to the resources required for the change not being ready or by a change manager in the case where unanticipated external constraints have arisen.


The change has been successfully completed.


The final state of the change where it has been successfully completed and no further review is necessary.


A change that was Pending Approval has not been approved to progress any further.


A change that was Pending Approval has needed to be postponed.

The stages of a change

Typically, a change will start as Pending Approval. It will then go before a change manager, the CAB or the ECAB as appropriate where, if approved, it will be marked as Scheduled. When complete, it will be Implemented or Cancelled after which a change manager will mark it as Closed if no further action is necessary.