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University Information Services

Our centrally managed text-matching software service is Turnitin.

University Information Services (UIS) supports the technical side of Turnitin and the Education Quality and Policy Office (EQPO) is responsible for any policy guidelines and questions relating to academic integrity. You can find further guidance on Turnitin policy via the Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct web pages

Turnitin allows users to upload documents that contain a minimum of 20 words to a repository to be checked against any stored papers or online resources and publications. Turnitin is only available for student submissions through Moodle. The file must contain at least 20 words and not just images.

Staff with a teacher role on a course can access Turnitin via Moodle or directly if they have a Turnitin account. Further details can be found in the Turnitin Assignment help guide on Moodle.

Turnitin Policy

The Education Quality and Policy Office (EQPO) provides guidance on how to use Turnitin. For further details, visit their webpage on Investigating academic misconduct

Request a Turnitin account

You can request a Turnitin UK account via the service request form, Request Turnitin direct access account. The account will be linked to your CRSid. 

Login to Turnitin is via

A Turnitin direct account allows access to uploaded papers in classes you have set up in Moodle. There is also a 'Quick Submit' option, which allows the user logged into Turnitin UK to upload files and choose how they want them to be checked. This can be done on behalf of the student. Learn more about Submitting via Quick submit

Removing a file from Turnitin

To request that a file be removed from the Turnitin repository, please complete the service request form, Turnitin: Remove a file

Any general queries can be sent to `

Turnitin status

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