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This guide is aimed at users of the University Managed Desktop (UMD) shared-use devices that are available in many of the University’s Colleges and departments. They allow you to access your files and also access Microsoft and specialist software. You can print to the University’s managed print service using credit on your University card. UMD devices are protected from viruses and malware using Trellix.

Signing in


Login with your email address and University account password (formerly Raven).


Login with your CRSid and University account password (formerly Raven).

Please note any configuration changes you make to a device will not be accessible on other devices.


Your files 

DO NOT save your files locally on shared-use UMD devices, they'll be lost. UMD devices may be wiped or retired at any time. Make sure you save your files to your University OneDrive account. You will need to log into OneDrive with your email address and University account password to do this. 

If you have files stored in the legacy MCS filestore, DS-Filestore, make sure all data is migrated to your OneDrive or another file storage system. There are instructions on how to access the filestore. The DS-Filestore is being retired at the end of 2023.



A wide range of Microsoft and specialist applications are available. 

  • Office 365
  • Teams
  • SPSS
  • Affinity suite

Please note that not all applications are available on all platforms or on all UMD devices. This will depend on local licensing arrangements.

Accessing applications


The easiest way to find software is to use the search box in the taskbar.


Commonly used applications are found in the Dock at the foot of the screen. Further applications can be found in the Applications folder.



You will need to set up a print queue on each UMD device you log into.

  • Open Print Deploy from the task bar (Windows) or menu bar (macOS).
  • When prompted login with your CRSid and University password.
  • The default print queue will then install automatically.


Signing out

Windows UMD devices do not log out automatically so make sure you do this when you've finished your session. If you don't, someone else might access your emails and read, alter or delete your files.

macOS UMD devices left unattended for 20 minutes will display a message on screen warning you that you'll be automatically logged out. If no action is taken and there is no unsaved work, you will be logged out.  


Get help

If you have any queries please contact the UIS service desk by emailing