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This guide explains how to limit recordings to specific groups of students. However, the Education Quality and Policy Office strongly advises that recordings are made available to all students on the course to ensure inclusiveness.

For information about why recording is beneficial and circumstances in which you might not record, refer to the following guides:
•    Expectation to record lectures (Education Quality and Policy Office)
•    Lecture capture – guidance for staff (Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning)
•    Policy on recordings (Education Quality and Policy Office)

After considering the above, if you still feel that providing recordings with restricted access is the best method, follow the steps below. This is a manual process involving multiple steps that must be applied to each recording individually.


How to restrict access to recordings

You must restrict access within both Panopto and Moodle.  

The workflow is as follows:

  • create a subfolder in the Panopto parent course folder
  • change access to the subfolder for the identified group of students; you will need the details (name, CRSid, or email address) of the individual students to which you are giving access.
  • add the session(s) to the subfolder
  • on the associated Moodle course create a group for students who require access to the recordings and then, add those students to the group. For instructions on how to create a group in Moodle please refer to this Moodle guide on Groups.
  • add a link or embed the session(s) on the associated Moodle course (within a new section, page, or label).
  • restrict access to the section, page or label to the Moodle group containing the students who require access to the recordings.


Setting up a session with restricted access in Panopto 

  1. Sign in to Panopto with your Creator account. Go to the course folder, select Create and New Folder.

    This will become a subfolder within the parent course folder. You can access the course folder on Panopto by signing in to the associated Moodle course and selecting Course Settings within the Panopto block.

  2. Complete the form and uncheck the Inherit permissions from the parent folder.   

    Only check Add this folder to your “My Folders” list if you want the new subfolder to be added to your personal folders.  

  3. Select Create Folder to confirm your choices. This will open the Share settings window for the subfolder you just created. 
  4.  In the Share settings under People and groups type in the student(s) details. You can search for students using their CRSid, name, or university email address as long as they are enrolled in a Moodle course and the course is provisioned with Panopto. The system will provide you with a list of names from which you can select.

    Ensure the Viewer role is selected for the students you add to the subfolder.  

    Check or uncheck the Send an email to notify people as desired and add a message if you wish to.

    Please note, if a link is sent to the student, they will need to sign in to Moodle before using the link to gain access. 


  5. Close the window and the changes will be saved automatically.


Adding the session to the subfolder 

To add a session to a restricted subfolder, you can;

  • Copy a session from an existing parent folder into the restricted subfolder. This will allow you to edit the copy session for students with disabilities.

    The copy session will have a new viewing link to share with the specific group of students. 

    If required, you can unlink the reference copy from the original session. The original session will remain in the parent course folder which will need to be deleted or moved to prevent all students from accessing it.

    Ensure that the settings for the copied session are as required, the settings will by default be the same as the recording from which the copy was made.

  • Move a session from the parent folder into the restricted subfolder. This will allow only students with access to the subfolder to view it.
  • Schedule the recording(s) directly into the subfolder. This will prevent links to the session being available to all students via the Panopto block.


Providing restricted access to the session from Moodle 

  1. In the associated Moodle course, create a new group for the students who require access to the recordings and add the identified students to the group. You can find instructions on how to do this here.  

    Please note, if you do not create a group in Moodle first, the restrict access by Group option will not be available to you when you try and add a restriction.  

  2.  Add a new page on your Moodle course to contain the restricted recordings. Instructions on how to create a new page on Moodle can be found here.

    Please note you can add other resources or activities in Moodle that will allow you to add restrictions. 

  3. Within the Page content section of the editor you can either add a link to the Panopto session or embed it in the page using the Panopto embed button. 


  4.    In the Page settings under Restrict access select Add restriction.


  5. Select Group.


  6. Select the group you created from the Group dropdown list.

    Ensure that you have checked the eye icon if you wish the page to be only visible to students with access. 


  7. Select Add restriction to save and return to course.

    The restricted page, containing the links or embedded recordings, will appear with a note stating that it is restricted to the specified group. If the eye icon was selected upon adding the restriction, it will only be visible to those with access. 

If you require further assistance please contact the team at