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Tasks are used in HEAT when you have an incident or service request that requires another team, or perhaps another member of your own team, to perform a task in order for you to be able to resolve the incident.

When you create a task you assign it to the relevant team. You retain ownership of the original incident or service request so that you can see when the Task has been completed. This means you can move on with resolving the incident or fulfilling the service request.

It may be the case that you need to create multiple tasks and assign them to different teams simultaneously. Retaining ownership of the incident or service request in this situation allows you to keep oversight of the whole process and ensure all the required tasks are in hand.

Please be aware that tasks are not restricted by department, this allows better collaboration between teams across the University. This means that anyone using the UIS HEAT ITSM service in any university department can view the details of your tasks. Bear this in mind, with regard to data protection, when creating tasks.

How to use tasks in HEAT