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New login screen for current University members

The login screen for Raven-protected websites and applications will change from Tuesday 14 February for current members of the University. It will become the same screen most of you are already familiar with from logging in to your University Microsoft account to access, for example, your @cam email.

The current login screen


The new login screen


Make sure you've set up multi-factor authentication

We are making this change to add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to University accounts as part of our work to improve security. 

What is MFA?

MFA adds an extra layer of security to the process of logging in to a system by prompting you to provide a second form of identification – for example, entering a code sent to your mobile phone. This means that even if someone gets hold of your Raven password, they won’t be able to access University systems and data because they won’t have your phone.

How do I make sure I'm ready?

We added MFA to University Microsoft accounts last year, so most University staff and students will have already set up second factors for authentication. If you haven't, you'll be asked to set them up the first time you log in after the change. You can set it up in advance to avoid any delays when logging in. There are several options and you don't need to use a smartphone. We recommend setting up more than one.

If you haven't changed your Raven password for a long time, then resetting it (even to its current value) on the password management site will ensure your Microsoft account is enabled.

When will I need to use MFA?

You'll need to use a second factor to confirm your identity once per web browser session, usually the first time you're prompted to log in. After that, you might need to use MFA if you log in using a new device or after you've changed your password.

'Raven for Life' exclusion

Websites and applications that allow ‘Raven for Life’ users to log in will continue to use the legacy Raven login screen, and 'Raven for Life' users won't be asked to authenticate with a second factor.

Get help

If you experience any difficulties logging in or lose your second factor, please contact the UIS Service Desk.

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