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Being a purpose-built facility, the WCDC is, by design, expected to function efficiently. Within the Data Halls, this is achieved by adopting standard, consistent approaches to the dressing of cabinets, maintaining the integrity of the rack space and standardising cabling and labelling.

Server cabinet standards

To help distinguish a cabinet from a rack, consider the former as enclosing the latter by way of front and rear doors and side panels. Enclosed cabinets are perceived to offer the best, and simplest, approach to implementing various air segregation strategies: Cold Aisle Containment, Hot Aisle Containment and Cabinet Level Containment. Enclosed cabinets facilitate higher levels of physical security, supporting various types of locking systems to enhance protection from unauthorized entry.

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Server rack standards

To help distinguish a rack from a cabinet, consider the rack as the two- or four-post framework to which the IT equipment is secured; either directly or by way of rack rails. The perceived drawbacks with open frame racks illustrates the current trend for enclosed cabinets; that easy access raises security fears due to their susceptibility to damage, either accidental or malicious; that production equipment is exposed to contaminants, dirt and debris; and that exposed cables and cable managers, if poorly maintained, lead to poor aesthetics.

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Cabling standards

In the best of data centre ecosystems, a standards-based structured cabling system will provide functionality and scalability with the maximum available options for current and future equipment.

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Labelling standards

Having an end-to-end labelling scheme implemented throughout the Data Centre infrastructure simplifies troubleshooting and contends with the inevitable moves, adds and changes that occur periodically. Accelerating tracing and problem-solving measures, and repairs, helps to avoid, or mitigate, downtime; saving time and money. It's sufficiently important that ANSI/TIA have developed 606-B.1 Administration Standard for Telecommunications Infrastructure, providing clear specifications for labelling and administration best practices across all electrical- and network-systems premise classes; these include data centres.

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