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We plan to decommission DS-Filestore on 1 April 2024. Users will not be able to access data in DS-Filestore after this date and will need to transfer any files they wish to keep to one of our alternative storage services.

DS-Filestore provides students, staff and groups with access to centrally backed-up, secure file servers. A filespace quota of 3.5GB is included with all Desktop Services accounts.

How to access your DS-Filestore

Map it as a drive on your own computer

You can access your filestore from your own computer while you're connected to the University Data Network (UDN) once you've set up a connection. We recommend this method for Apple devices. Follow the instructions below for your operating system: 

Linux Mac OS X Windows
Linux macOS Windows

Remote access

You can connect via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). Use any file transfer program that supports the SFTP protocol to connect to, using your CRSid and University password (formerly Raven) to log in. We recommend this method for Windows devices. This method is also useful when you are not connected to the UDN. For example, when you're away from Cambridge.

Quotas and usage

Each user, other than temporary accounts, is given a filespace limit of 3GB. This is an upper limit; there is not enough space for every user to keep their full entitlement on the fileserver permanently.

If you run out of filespace, you will not be able to create any new files. You should delete all unwanted files; if you think you have a real need for more space, then you can apply for an increase.


The central backup service is designed to recover from major system failures. It is not always possible for UIS to recover individual user files deleted in error.

If you are using DS-Filestore to store the primary copies of your files, you are responsible for ensuring you have kept backup copies elsewhere.

Group filespaces

UIS also provides facilities for group filespaces, most commonly used by University Societies. Limits and access rules for group filespaces are different.