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Teaser pointing to an external site


Watch the video: Creating teasers



If you would like to add a teaser to an external website you will need to follow two steps:

  1. Create a Link
  2. Add the Link to the nodequeue


1. Creating a link

Hover over Content > Add content and then click on Link in the drop down menu.



A new window will appear. Please provide the administrative title, body text and the path where the link should point to. Upload an image (250 x 250px) and hit Save.



2. Adding the link to the Nodequeue


Hover over Structure and click on Nodequeues from the drop down menu.


A new window will appear. Decide what kind of teaser you want to create (for example horizontal, vertical or promo) and click on “View” next to the corresponding nodequeue.


In the Add Content box start typing the title of the link (in our example BBC); the system will automatically suggest some options. Confirm your choice by selecting the correct link and hit Add Content.



You can reorder the position of items by dragging them with the cross symbols on the left.

Please remember to save your changes by hitting the Save button.


Teaser pointing to an internal site


Creating a teaser that points to an internal page is a one step process. The only thing you need to do is to add the item to the Teasers Nodequeue. Please see the “Adding the link to the Nodequeue” above.



Watch the video: Changing the order of teasers