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In order to add an image into the body, navigate to the page and click on the Edit tab. Place your cursor where the image should appear and click on the Add Media icon.



You can now either upload a new image or use an image that has been uploaded to your website previously.


Uploading a new image


Click Choose File and navigate to your image. Once the correct file is selected, click Upload and then the Next button.



Make sure that the destination is “Public local files served by the webserver” and hit Next. Save.


You will then have a chance to decide how the image should display. If you want it to display in the original size, select WYSIWYG. Alternatively, you can display it as a teaser.



If you would the image to be a hyperlink, please provide the URL in the Link Image section.



Scroll down and submit.

Your image should appear on the page.



Instead of uploading a new picture, you might decide to display an image that has been uploaded earlier. In order to do it, click on the Add media icon and go to the Library tab.


Select an image and hit Submit.



Choose whether the image should display in the original size (WYSIWYG) or as a teaser. Hitting Submit will add the image to your webpage.


Floating images

If you want to float the picture to the right, right-click on the image and choose Image Properties



In the Align section select Right and save.