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How to add a personal OneDrive account

How to configure OneDrive to work with both a University OneDrive for Business and a Personal OneDrive account, so you can get to both your work and personal files (in Windows).

Set up OneDrive to work with your other Microsoft user account(s)

  1. Right-click the grey OneDrive cloud icon in your taskbar (bottom right) and choose Settings from the menu
  2. Click the Add a personal account button...
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  3. On the Welcome to OneDrive window, click Sign in to continue:
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  4. Sign in with your Personal Microsoft account:
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  5. The OneDrive set-up wizard will now start. You will see the This is your OneDrive folder screen, where you can change the location of your personal 'OneDrive - Personal' folder, or click Next to continue:
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  6. You can choose which of your cloud-based files to sync with this machine:
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  7. Your Personal account set-up is now complete, and your 'OneDrive - Personal' folder (i.e. your 15Gb personal Microsoft account filespace) is now ready:
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  8. When you click the Open my OneDrive folder button, you will see both your University of Cambridge and Personal OneDrive folders listed under Favourites in the File Explorer window...
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