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Your University account password (formerly Raven) must be synced with your University Microsoft account so you can log in to Office 365 apps, OneDrive and/or your University Exchange Online email account.

Detailed instructions

Before you log in to your University of Cambridge Microsoft account:  If you have never done so (or not done so for a long time), sync your University account password (formerly Raven) to the Blue Active Directory by running through the Change Password procedure using the UIS Password Management application at It may take up to 3 hours for your password to sync to the Microsoft Exchange Online server. You can’t complete the Exchange Online configuration until your University account password has synced.

  1. Go to the University account password management app at:
    Select the 'Login' button, and authenticate with your University account password.


  2. Click the History tab:


  3. If the most recent password change results include 'University Active Directory: Updated' and the time was longer than 3 hours ago, your password has been synced.

    If the 'Updated ' line is present, but the timestamp is less than 3 hours old, leave it for a bit and check again after 3 hours has elapsed.



  4. If the 'University Active Directory' line is absent (or if there are no entries at all), you need to sync your password again and wait up to 3 hours:


  5. If you do need to sync your password, return to the 'Manage' tab and select the 'Change Password' button:


  6. On the 'Change password' screen, enter your University account password as the 'Current password' value.
    Enter your choice of 'New password', and again in the 'Confirm new password' field. Unless you specifically want to change your password, you can reuse your current one. You should aim for a password strength of at least 50%:

    Note: if this is the first time you have used the University account password management application, changing your password will switch you over to using the single sign-on University account password for many of UIS’ online systems including Hermes, Desktop Services and others that you may have access to.

    If you have actually changed your password, you will also need to update the settings in the email application you use to manage your Hermes inbox with your new University account password, and use your new password during the Hermes migration process.  

    Select the 'Change password' button to confirm:


  7. The results shown should confirm that the password has been synced to the University's Blue Active Directory:


    Note: You should wait a further 30 minutes for the dust to settle and your new single sign-on University account password to sync across other UIS systems including Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services and any other systems to which you have access. It may take up to 3 hours for your University account password to sync up to Microsoft's Azure Active Directory, which authenticated your access to your University of Cambridge Microsoft account which gives you access to download Microsoft 365 applications and log in to your Exchange Online email.