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Stay safe online

Freshers are seen as easy prey for online scammers. Expect to be targeted with bogus ‘student loan’ emails and too-good-to-be true job opportunities that are after your bank details or University login – especially at the start of every term.

Cyber security at CambridgeCreate a strong password

Your Raven password protects your valuable personal data, so it's critical that you choose something that can't easily be cracked, but that you can remember.

The current best practice advice is to pick four random words, separated by another character, for example:

You can see how long it would take a computer to crack it at the
How Secure Is My Password website (in our example, it’s three decillion years!): >


Cyber security tips

Our quick videos offer good advice about protecting your online identity and valuable personal data:

Stay safe online >


What to do if you get phished

If you've fallen prey to a scammer, please don't be too embarrassed to report it. Your local Computer Officer or the UIS Service Desk can advise you about what you need to do next. It also helps us to prevent anyone else being caught out, and investigate the perpetrators.

  1. If you have given away your Raven password, visit the Raven Password Management web page to change it:

  2. Contact the UIS Service Desk:

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