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IT Help and Support

University Information Services

Any person believed to be in breach of one or more of these rules shall be reported to the Information Services Committee (ISC).

The ISC may impose a penalty or penalties and may also recommend to the appropriate University or College authority that proceedings be initiated under either or both of the University or College disciplinary procedures and any appropriate legislation.


Tick use IT facilities only for the purpose and authorisation given to you

Tick report weaknesses and incidents to your local Computer Officer or the UIS Service Desk, and any data infringement to the Head of Institution or Data Protection Officer

Tick keep your software – including anti-virus software – up-to-date and take care, especially when opening emails, not to introduce malware

Tick delete work from public areas of shared devices, and log out before you leave

Tick always lock your account when away from your desk to stop others gaining access


Cross share your passwords, any access keys or PIN numbers with anyone else

Cross  engage in any activity that could affect another user’s access

Cross copy any copyrighted material without the required authorisation

Cross run anything, or probe, to find compromises in the IT facilities

Cross create, view or transmit offensive or obscene images, material or data