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University Information Services

Raven protects many of the University's online systems and resources.

You'll use your Cambridge user id (CRSid) and Raven password to log in to Raven protected systems, including:

  • CamSIS, your student record
  • your Cambridge email
  • your Cambridge Microsoft account
  • Moodle, the virtual learning environment

To get a Raven login, you’ll need to complete your student registration, find out your Cambridge user id (CRSid) and create a Raven password.

You'll quickly become familiar with the login screen (shown above).

Your Raven password protects both your personal data and the University’s systems. Never reveal your password to anyone! Make sure you use a strong, but memorable, passphrase. 


Beware of fake login pages!

Scammers target University students – especially at the start of term – so watch out for fake login pages.

Genuine University login pages use University of Cambridge [GB] security certificate. Always check for the security icon (a green padlock or similar) in your browser window:

Raven Auth URL


If you think you have been the victim of an online scam, consult your College IT staff for advice, and report it to the UIS Service Desk so we can investigate and take action to block malicious activity:

Contact the UIS Service Desk


Set up your Raven password recovery

Set up your self-service password recovery – it makes it easy to reset your Raven password if you forget it.

If you don't do this, you'll find it difficult to recover your password away from Cambridge. You'll have to physically bring some photo ID to your College IT staff and ask for a password reset token.


How to change your Raven password

If you think someone else knows your Raven password, change your password immediately