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  1. A local administrator checks Lookup to see if the person already has a CRSid. They then completes the UIS Pre-arrival Registration form ('pre-reg') either to request a new user account, or to provide details of an internal transfer (start date/institution etc.).
  2. The UIS User Admin team creates the user account and CRSid (if needed) or amends existing person's affiliation details.
  3. [Overnight] The  user's profile is created or amended in Lookup.
  4. The Card Rep checks the users' Lookup profile:
    • Institutional affiliation(s) correct
    • Preferred name to appear on Card is set in the 'Display Name' field
      (otherwise, the default = initial from the 'Preferred name' field + 'Surname')
    • If necessary, your local IT staff can update the Display Name in Lookup profiles for you. 
  5. The Card Rep uploads a photo that meets the identity photo policy and creates a new Card Request.
  6. The Card Office reviews the photo.
    • If the photo is rejected, the Card Rep will be notified by email.
  7. When the photo is approved, the Card request is flagged as 'Ready for printing' in the system.
  8. [Next day] The Card is printed and put in the UMS (University Messenger Service).
  9. [Next day] The UMS delivers the Card to the institution's default afddress (that is, the first address listed the institution's Lookup profile)

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Richard Davies from the Granta Backbone Network (GBN) team and Craig Faux from the Networks team, worked together to help deliver network connectivity for the Cambridge Half Marathon that took place this past weekend. The University has been assisting the Council with delivering network connectivity for the Cambridge Half...

Changes to Google Workspace accounts from March

23 February 2023

15 February 2023 We are preparing to delete UIS managed Google Workspace accounts for users that have left the University to maintain system performance and security and reclaim file space ahead of Google introducing file space quotas. When a user leaves the University, their account is flagged as cancelled in Lookup and...

Wireless Service maintenance in March and April 2023

21 February 2023

We’ll be carrying out essential maintenance on the University Wireless Service in March and April 2023 to pave the way for its continued growth. Three phases of work in March and April 1. Tuesday 21 March, 8:00 to 9:00 You might experience interruptions to the UniOfCam-IoT service during the maintenance period. You might...