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How do I change my password for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services?

The Password Management application lets you change your UIS Password (or individual passwords for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services, if you still have them), view your change history log, and control who can reset your password for you if you forget it.

How to change your password

  1. Go to the UIS Password Management Application (
  2. If you are already logged in to Raven, click the Your page> button.
    If you are not already logged in to Raven, click the Log In> button.
    Note: If you can't log in to Raven, follow the procedure for forgotten passwords.
  3. Click the Change password> button. 
    This will open the Change your password page.
  4. Enter your current UIS Password.
    Note: if you still have different passwords for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services, use your Raven password.
  5. Think of a new password, and enter it in the New password field. 
    We recommend you use your existing Hermes password, if you know it. Otherwise, you must remember to update your email client's account settings to use the new password you will create here. 

    Using the built-in password generator tool

    If you click the Generate a random password link shown below the New password field, you will see a truly random password suggestion. You can copy and paste it into the new password field if you want to use it, or click the Generate another random password link to get another suggestion: 
    Screenshot of the Random Password Generator
    The strength of your new password will be shown as you type. We recommend using a password with a rating of 'Very strong':
    Screenshot of a weak password 
    07 App Password Srength Strong

  6. Enter your new password again in the Confirm password field, to confirm it.
  7. Click the Change password button to save it.
    You will see a confirmation message showing which of your passwords have just been updated:

    ss passwordChange

    Note: If you joined the University before 18th February 2014, changing any one of your individual passwords for Raven, Hermes or Desktop Services will synchronise all three accounts to use the unified UIS Password.

    You can review a log of the changes made to your password by clicking the History tab on your account management page.

If you use an email application to get your Hermes email...

Your email application (e.g. Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Alpine) will be configured to use your old Hermes password. If your new UIS Password is different to your old Hermes password, you must update the account settings in your email application to use your new UIS Password, otherwise you will stop receiving email on your computer or mobile device. You will find instructions for setting-up various popular email programs here:

Email program settings for Hermes

Note: The password change may take up to 30 minutes to take effect. Most email programs will stop getting new mail as soon as your new UIS Password becomes active, but in some cases the change may not be noticeable until you close the email program or restart your device.

Last updated: August 2016