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You can find lecture capture equipment in the spaces listed below. Those marked with an asterisk are temporary installations for academic year 2021–2022. Some spaces will be enabled for scheduled lecture capture (SLC) while others for manual lecture capture (MLC).

You can find more information about the SLC and MLC arrangements on the Panopto Educational Video Support support hub on Moodle.


Centrally managed spaces

Downing Site

  • Biffen Lecture Theatre, Genetics Building (MLC)

Mill Lane/Silver Street Site

  • Hicks Room, University Centre (SLC)
  • Meade Room, University Centre (SLC)
  • Cormack Room, University Centre (SLC)
  • Bentley Room, Pitt Building (SLC)
  • Room B, 17 Mill Lane (SLC)
  • Room E, 17 Mill Lane (SLC)
  • Room G, 17 Mill Lane (SLC)

New  Museums Site

  • Babbage Lecture Theatre, David Attenborough Building (SLC)
  • Cockroft Lecture Theatre, Cockroft Building (SLC)
  • Lecture Theatre A, Student Services Centre (SLC)
  • Titan 1–3, Cockroft Building (SLC)

Sidgwick Site

  • Lady Mitchell Hall (SLC)
  • Little Hall (SLC)
  • Rooms 1–12, Lecture Block (SLC)

Departmental spaces

Architecture and History of Art

  • Architecture Classroom, Scroope Terrace* (MLC)
  • Architecture Lecture Room 1, Scroope Terrace* (SLC)
  • History of Art Lecture Room 2, Scroope Terrace (SLC)


  • Biochemistry Studio, Sanger Building (SLC)
  • Jean Thomas Lecture Theatre, Sanger Building (SLC)
  • Margery Stephenson Seminar Room, Hopkins Building (SLC)
  • Richard Perham Seminar Room, Sanger Building (SLC)
  • Seminar Room 2, Hopkins Building (SLC)

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

  • LT 1 (MLC)
  • LT 2 (MLC)
  • LT 3 (SLC)
  • LT 4 (SLC)


  • Bristol Myers Squibb Lecture Theatre, Chemical Laboratory  (SLC)
  • Pzifer Lecture Theatre, Chemical Laboratory (SLC)
  • UG12, Chemical Laboratory* (MLC)
  • Wolfson Lectue Theatre, Chemical Laboratory (SLC)

Computer Science and Technology

  • FW26 (SLC)
  • Lecture Theatre 1 (SLC)
  • Lecture Theatre 2 (SLC)


  • Room 2 (SLC)
  • Room 3 (SLC)
  • Runcie Room (SLC)

Earth Sciences

  • Harker 1* (MLC)
  • Harker 2* (MLC)
  • Tilley Lecture Theatre (MLC)


  • Lecture Room 3, Inglis Building (SLC)
  • Lecture Rooms 4, 5, 11 and 12, Baker Building (SLC)
  • LT 1, Inglis Building (SLC)
  • LT 2, Inglis Building (SLC)
  • LT 6, Inglis Building (SLC)


  • G6/Part II Lecture Theatre* (MLC)


  • Large Lecture Theatre, Main Geography Building (SLC)
  • Small Lecture Theatre, Main Geography Building (SLC)


  • SR 3 (SLC)
  • SR 5 (SLC)
  • SR 6 (SLC)
  • SR 9 (SLC)
  • SR 11 (SLC)
  • SR 12 (SLC)

Institute of Astronomy

  • Sackler Lecture Theatre, Hoyle Building (MLC)

Institute for Manufacturing

  • LT 2 (SLC)

Materials Science and Metallurgy

  • Armourers and Braisers (SLC)
  • Goldsmiths 1 (SLC)
  • Goldsmiths 2 (SLC)


  • MR2 (MLC)
  • MR3 (SLC)
  • MR4 (SLC)
  • MR5 (SLC)
  • MR9 (SLC)
  • MR13 (SLC)


  • Lecture Theatre, Pathology Building (SLC)
  • Seminar Room, Pathology Building (MLC)


  • Seminar Room, Pharmacology Building (MLC)


  • Pippard Lecture Theatre, Bragg Building (SLC)
  • Ryle Seminar Room, Rutherford Building* (MLC)
  • Small Lecture Theatre, Bragg Building (SLC)

Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

  • Anatomy G82, Anatomy Building* (MLC)
  • Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building (MLC)
  • Physiology Bryan Matthews SR, Physiology Building* (MLC)
  • Physiology Lecture Theatre, Physiology Building (MLC)

Plant Sciences

  • Main Lecture Theatre, Botany Building (MLC)
  • Small Lecture Theatre, Botany Building (SLC)


  • Classroom, Psychological Laboratory (SLC)
  • Lecture Theatre, Psychology Building (MLC)
  • Seminar Room, Psychological Laboratory (SLC)

University Information Services

  • Norwich Auditorium, Roger Needham Building (SLC)

Veterinary Medicine

  • LT 1, Vet School (SLC)
  • LT 2, Vet School (SLC)


  • Lecture Theatre, Zoology Building (SLC)
  • Part II Lecture Theatre, Zoology Building (SLC)
  • Teaching Lab, Zoology Building* (MLC)

* Temporary deployment for academic year 2021–2022

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