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Hybrid meetings and hybrid meeting rooms

A hybrid meeting is where some participants gather in a physical meeting room whilst others join remotely. The same information is being relayed and presented online as it is in-person, and all participants have the same opportunities to interact and contribute to the meeting.

Hybrid meeting rooms are small-to-medium-sized spaces equipped for interactive meetings in which all participants are active contributors. They are distinct from large spaces equipped for lecture capture, which are designed for one lecturer to broadcast or stream, one-way, to a large remote audience.

Cisco Room Kit hybrid meeting rooms – the University's centrally-supported solution

There are locally-provided hybrid meeting systems in use around the Collegiate University, however, the University has chosen the Cisco Room Kit as its preferred, centrally-supported solution.

UIS is providing an installation service to create hybrid meeting rooms across the University, using the Cisco Room Kit.

Please consult your local IT staff if you need support to use other systems.

The Cisco Room Kit equipment is designed specifically to support meetings between in-room and remote participants. The:

  • microphones track active participants and output the best sound quality so everyone can hear; background noise in the meeting room is actively cancelled so that remote participants do not hear it
  • cameras automatically spotlight the active speakers in the room so remote participants can keep up with what's happening in the room

The system is easy to use as it's integrated with Microsoft Teams and supports WebEx and Zoom meetings (with a Zoom Conference Room Connector (CRC) licence).

How to book a Cisco Room Kit hybrid meeting room

You can book a room using Microsoft Exchange Online (using Microsoft Outlook). 

  1. Create a calendar invitation adding the meeting details, attendees and selecting the Microsoft Teams option
  2. Add the meeting room to the calendar invitation in the same way you would add attendees

You can check the availability of the meeting room in the calendar.

The meeting rooms are either: 

  1. automatically approved  
  2. moderated/authorised by the meeting room owner 
  3. automatically declined (to those who do not have permission to book the resource which could be because they have been restricted to certain teams or departments). 

Once you have booked the meeting room, you will receive an email confirmation.


Adding a Cisco hybrid meeting room to your recurring meeting series

You can add a hybrid meeting room to your meeting series by changing the room in your calendar invitation. You will need to create a new meetings series if you set this up before July 2021.


Sensitive information in meeting titles

The meeting name will be displayed on the meeting room control panel and the Touch 10 interface, even if it is set as private in Outlook. You must ensure your meeting title does not contain any sensitive information, for example, the name of interviewees if you are setting up hybrid interviews. 


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