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Contacting the University Card Office

For enquiries contact the Card Office at

Requesting University Cards ('UCAM Cards')

Cards can be requested by the Card Rep by sending an email to the card office at:

The services available using the University Card (such as door access) are determined on a site-by-site basis, for example, by the local Building Manager, or College office, not by the Card Office. 

Required information

To produce a University Card (UCAM Card), the Card Office needs the following: 

  • CRSid 
  • Passport-style digital photograph: 280 x 336 pixels (portrait)
  • Surname 
  • Forenames 
  • Date of birth 
  • Duration of contract or study period, with start and end dates 
  • College affiliation (if any)

In addition, for staff:

  • Department
  • Job title 

Approval process

The Card Office verifies this information as follows:

Students: If the information is not in the Student Records system, we check with the College concerned.

University staff: If the information is not in the CHRIS system, we check with the Department concerned.

Other personnel: we check with the College or Department concerned. 


Requesting temporary access cards 

To request temporary access cards please contact the Card Office stating the number of cards you would like. 


Returning expired and damaged cards to the Card Office

University Cards are issued by and remain the property of the University of Cambridge. Cardholders are not permitted to keep their cards as souvenirs after they leave Cambridge.

Cardholders should return cards to you when either they leave the University or the card is no longer valid. You should then return cards to the Card Office for secure shredding and disposal. 


Roles and responsibilities of University Card Reps 

The Card Representative (‘Card Rep’) role is vital to the effective and efficient administration of the University (UCAM) Card. Its responsibilities are to:

  1. Provide information to the Card Office about students, staff and other individuals who are eligible for a card within their institution. 
  2. Inform the Card Office in the event a cardholder in their institution leaves before their expected end date 
  3. Request replacements when a card is lost, stolen, damaged or expired 
  4. Ensure that damaged cards are produced as evidence before new ones are ordered, where possible. Damaged cards should be returned to the Card Office for secure shredding. 
  5. Ensure that the crime numbers for stolen cards are checked and verified before reporting a card as stolen, and to report a card as lost where a theft cannot be verified. 
  6. Ensure that cards are handed in by staff and students on leaving the University and then returned to the Card Office. The process of card recovery should be fundamental to an institution’s procedures. 
  7. Ensure that returned cards are sent to the Card Office for registration and secure shredding – not disposed of locally. 
  8. Ensure that communication with the Card Office relating to requests for cards is only done by the registered Card Representatives, or in their absence a designated person whose details should be communicated to the Card Office in advance. 
  9. Where relevant, help their Building Manager (the person who controls any local access system) to obtain relevant information about cardholders from the Card Management System to set up access and service rights for cardholders. 
  10. Distribute UCAM Cards within their institution, ensuring that the cardholder is known to them or has photographic identification before doing so. 
  11. Act as the point of contact between the Card Office and cardholders within their institution throughout the year. For example, if a replacement card is needed, the cardholder should report this to the Card Representative who will request and distribute the new card. 
  12. Respond to requests from the Card Office for information required to renew cards reaching their expiration date 
  13. Pass on any messages from the Card Office (for example, if it finds student or personnel records to be out of date) to the relevant person within their institution, so that the institution updates its own records and informs Student Records or Personnel Records (CHRIS) of the need for an update. 
  14. Respond to questions from the Card Office about better working practice, policy or procedures. 
  15. Notify the Card Office should they no longer hold the role of Card Representative and provide details of the new Representative if known (even during long leave or maternity leave).

The Card Office email is


Access to card data 

Access to the University Card database  

We are currently replacing the University Card Management System so are no longer providing access to the old system or training for it. 

Card Representatives are eligible for read-only access to the new system. To request access, please email the University Card Office.

See video: How to use the Card Search [04:00]

Data protection 

Card Representatives and Building Managers can request access to the Card Management System and associated tools to view and export card details.

Card details contain personal data of some sensitivity and by accessing these systems Card Representatives and Building Managers agree that: 

  • they will only view or export data as is required for the purposes of managing access to buildings and other card-based services within their institution, and 
  • they will inform the Card Office as soon as they cease to hold the Card Representative or Building Manager role.

All access and use must comply with data protection legislation and University data protection policies.