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Webform is a Drupal module that enables you to create customizable forms. Please contact the webteam if you want us to enable the module for you. Once this is done, you will have a new content type called Webform.

Creating a form

In the top menu, hover over Content >  Add content and then click on Webform.



A new window will appear. Please provide a title for the form and hit Save. You will be then presented with the webform creation screen, where you can start adding form elements.

Type the name of the field, choose its type (for example Textarea, Date, Email, Select options etc.), mark whether the answer is mandatory and then click “Add”.



It will take you to another page where you can complete more specific information and configure the field. The options will vary according to the type of the field. Once you are ready with all changes, hit “Save configuration”. 

There are many various types of fields.  The “Select options” type would  be useful if you want your users to be able to choose from  multiple options (using radio buttons, checkboxes or drop down menus)


Provide your options in the following way:


Where the first part of the string is being saved by the system and the second part will be displayed on the form.


Continue populating your form with new elements and when finalised, save your settings.


Once you are ready with all form components and you saved the settings, click the E-mails subtab.



Provide an email address where all the results will be sent to. Click “Add”. The next screen enables you to customise the email message – the subject, the address it is coming from and the content. Save the e-mail settings.


In the next subtab “Form settings” you can set up a confirmation message.


You can preview your form by clicking the “View” tab at the top of your screen.



All the submissions are sent by email, but they are also kept in a database. Click on the “Results” tab to see what information was entered.



You can view the submissions data, analyse it, download it as an Excel spreadsheet or delete it using corresponding subtabs.