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Watch the video: Sidebar items



There are various items you can add on the right side of a webpage. In order to do it, click on the tab Sidebar items.



You have six options to choose from:

  • Image link: to add an image
  • Embedded Media: to add a university map, an SMS video or a youTube video
  • Link block: you can add a Heading, Link Title and the URL
  • Content teaser: to advertise an existing piece of content (for example a webpage)
  • Promo block: for static text and an image (349x125 pixels)
  • Text block: static text useful for long term announcements. It can also be used to add an image or an iframe.


You can change the order of the sidebar items by dragging them with the cross symbol on the left.



Please note the sidebar items are going to appear only on the specific webpage and will not inherit through all webpages.