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Links pointing to:


Linking to a web page

There are two kinds of links: internal and external. Internal links point to a webpage within your Drupal website.

To add either, highlight the link text and click on the Link icon   


The Link dialogue box opens with the Link Info tab fields. The dropdown list under Link Type includes: Internal Path, URL, Anchor and  E-mail.



To link to an external page, make sure you change the link Type to URL. Provide the URL and click OK.

To link to an internal page on your site, select Internal Path as the Link Type and type the title of the page in the Link field. Drupal will help you by displaying all pages that include the provided keyword in the file name. Select the correct one, then click OK.


Linking to an email address

For an Email link, select the Email type in the dropdown list and enter the address, subject and body text. An Email link will open the user’s email client, if it has been set up in the user’s browser.


Linking to documents (pdf, Word, etc.)

Watch the video - Linking to documents



Once the pdf or Word file is uploaded, you can create a link pointing to it.

Navigate to the page where the link should appear. Change to the edit mode. Highlight the link text and click the Link icon.  


Make sure that the Internal path  is selected and provide the path underneath. It should be in the following format:

 /files/ followed by the name of your file, full stop and extension. For example: /files/structure.pdf

Please note it is /files/ and NOT /file/


Hit OK to save the link.


Removing Links

To remove an existing link, highlight the text and click the Unlink button in the toolbar.