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Watch the video: Creating a new webpage




In order to create a new web page, hover over Content > Add content in the top menu bar. Select Basic Page.



An 'Edit Basic page' form will open. Complete the form following the instructions below.



  • The Title of the page will display at the top of the page.
  • Access control: tick the checkbox if you want the page to be visible only to Raven authenticated users
  • The Body field is where the main content is entered. The edit tools display in icons across the top. They allow you to format text on the page. Hover your cursor over an icon to see its popup description.


You can type directly into the content area, or you can copy content from other sources, such as Word or another web page.

By default, text displays in the pre-set ‘normal’ font style. With the font selection box, you can change text to other pre-set styles.



Menu settings

Menu settings are located in the tab on the left hand side.

If you want your page to display in the navigation, please make sure that the checkbox 'Provide a menu link' is ticked.


  • Menu link title will be displayed in the navigation.  By default it is the same as the page title, but it can be changed, if needed.
  • Click the drop down menu to select the Parent Item for the page. If your page is a top level menu item, leave it as <Main menu>
  • Weight controls the position of the menu link in the menu list, relative to its parent item.


You must Save your edits to take effect. Clicking Delete will delete the entire page. Deleted pages cannot be recovered.


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