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How to install DS-Print on macOS desktops and laptops

To use DS-Print service you must install both the print queue and the print driver for that printer. In addition, it is highly recommended that you install DS-Print print client (PaperCut) to receive feedback on submitted print jobs including errors – for example, insufficient credit. 

Install print driver from the manufacturer

1. Search for the printer you want to print to by clicking on the relevant College or department in this list.

2. Make a note of the print queue name, printer manufacturer and model of the required printer as this will be required during the installation and configuring of the printer below.

3. Download and install the driver for that printer before continuing to the next step, which is to configure a print queue. Each printer manufacturer has a different website and some are better than others, links to common manufacturers download pages are listed below.

4. If you have difficulties finding the correct driver then please send an email to including the queue name and your macOS version.

Common manufacturers download web pages:

Configure a print queue

1. From "System Preferences" choose "Printers & Scanners". If required click the locked padlock and authenticate.Printers

2. Click + to add a printer.

Add Printer1

3. Click on the 'Advanced' icon. 

Tip - If the Advanced tab is not shown in the toolbar then right click in the toolbar (next to the Windows Printer icon).

Drag Here1

Choose "Customise Toolbar".



 Now drag the Advanced icon into the toolbar and select.



4. Set the Type drop down to "Windows printer via spoolerss".

Add Printer Mac OS X

5. Set the URL to smb://<print queue name>. 

Substituting and entering the previously noted print queue name from the "Install print driver from manufacturer" instructions in place of <print queue name>.

Example: smb://

6. Set Name field identical to the print queue name, don't use any spaces.
Example: XYZ_FindMe.

7. Select "Select Printer Software..." from the "Print Using" drop down. Choose the correct driver from the list. Using the search box makes it easier to find a specific driver from the long list.

8. Click Add.

9. Optionally, configure any additional options that the printer supports, normally default values provide good basic functionality. Contact IT Support at the institution that provides the printer for specific printer option queries.

Added extra1

Install DS-Print Print Client (PaperCut) application

Installing the PaperCut client is highly recommended. It will give you feedback about jobs printed or rejected.

1. Download the client from here
2. Open the download then copy "PCClient" to your Applications directory and then run it.
3. Optionally, for convenience, you could drag the PCClient application to the Dock from Applications for quick access. Once added to the Dock, setting the PCClient application to "Open at Login" will ensure the application is always running. The PaperCut (PCClient) application must be running to receive feedback.

Troubleshooting "PCClient" cannot be opened message

To resolve, navigate to "LaunchPad" -> "System Preferences" -> "Security and Privacy". Under the "General" tab authorise changes by selecting the padlock, if required enter your Mac's password.


Security and Privacy

Find the error message ""PCClient" was blocked from use because it is from an identified developer." and select "Open Anyway".

macOS cannot verify

When prompted select "Open" to complete installing the PaperCut Client.


To Print

1. Print your document using the usual method from within the document's application. You will be prompted for authentication, enter your Desktop Services (also known as MCS) username and password or UIS credentials as shown below. Visit "Check My Password" to test your username and password.
Mac OS Authentication

2. Optionally, tick "Remember this password in my keychain"
3. Your document will print if successfully submitted and feedback will be provided. FindMe printers require submitted print job(s) to be released at the MFD before printing.



Printing in black and white
The printing system (PaperCut) analyses each submitted print job and charges accordingly to the configuration. Some print drivers create print jobs that appear to be black & white but contain colour information. This causes PaperCut to detect the job as colour. To prevent this you can configure a job to be black & white (also known as greyscale) in the Print dialogue box. The setting location varies from print driver to print driver. You may need to click the "Show Details" button first to display all available options.