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(tested on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS)

1. Download Evolution and the required plugin by opening the Terminal and entering sudo apt-get install evolution evolution-ews  

2. Confirm that you want to install the software  

3. Once Evolution and the required packages have installed, launch Evolution.  

4. Click Next, then Next again so that you can progress to the Identity page. 




  • On the Identity page, enter your full name and as the email address. 
  • Untick Look up mail server details based on the entered email address.  



6. Click Next to move to server settings.  


7. Change the:


8. Click Check for Supported Types under Authentication. This will change the authentication type to OAuth2 (Office 365). 



9. Tick Override Office365 OAuth2 settings, even if Evolution has already filled in some details.  


10. Enter the:

Tenant: 49a50445-bdfa-4b79-ade3-547b4f3986e9


Application ID: ca3f063d-229c-4296-86bc-e6cbe225d886

11. Click Next then Finish. This will now show the University of Cambridge branded Sign in.

12. Sign in with your and password.   


13. Click Sign in and follow the MFA instructions (if prompted to). 

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Jackdaw upgrade on Monday 18 July – other systems will not get updated user data

5 July 2022

Jackdaw, the University’s user information database, will be taken offline between 09:00 and 18:00 on Monday 18 July. Systems taking data from Jackdaw will not receive updates while the upgrade is happening.

Apps Anywhere (Citrix) virtual desktop service closing in September

29 June 2022

As part of our review of managed desktop provision, UIS has decided not to continue providing its Citrix-based 'Apps Anywhere' virtual desktop service. The University’s needs have changed significantly since we purchased Citrix licences 3 years ago. Widespread adoption of laptops and collaboration tools such as Microsoft...

UDN border router upgrades and IPS config changes coming in July

24 June 2022

What's happening The primary router connecting the University Data Network (UDN) to Janet will be replaced with new equipment on Tuesday, 12 July from 07:30. If we encounter problems that can’t be resolved by 08:30, we will back out the replacement and revert to the previous router. In this scenario, we will try again on...