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You can use the Registration Form to request a CRSid only, without the associated IT accounts, for people who only need a University Card for access (see video walkthrough). We have also made several enhancements to make the form easier to use and reduce the possibility for errors during data entry:

1. General changes to the way the form works

  • Form fields can’t be auto-filled anymore, to reduce accidental duplication.
  • If the form fails validation, only the fields that are invalid are  affected, for example, the Accounts checkboxes won’t be reset.
  • Dates can be entered using a date picker to make it easier and reduce errors.

2. Institution

  • If a the Institution is a College, the College field will automatically be set to match and can’t be edited.
  • IMPORTANT: If the Institution is not a College and the person also has a College affiliation, the College field must be selected manually so their College scarf is printed on their University Card.

3. Standing

  • If a person only needs a University Card, use the new 'Other' standing. This gives them a CRSid without any IT accounts.
  • It is important to get the Standing right because this will increasingly be used to grant access to IT services in future.

4. Date of Birth (DOB)

  • This is now required information.

5. Starting Date

  • This is the date you want the CRSid to be available, which may be different to the contract start date.
  • The default value is now set as today's date.

6. Review Date (was 'Leaving Date')

  • This field has been renamed to more accurately reflect its purpose, that is, the date on/after which UIS will review the continued need for these IT accounts.
  • In some cases, you are required to enter a Review Date – it will be indicated with an asterisk (*) next to the field name:
    • People with the 'Visitor' Standing must have a Review Date set – it can’t be longer than 3 years
    • If the Institution is a College, a Review Date is required – it can't be longer than 3 years.

7. College

  • The College field controls which is scarf printed on University Cards (not the Institution).
  • College will be automatically filled in when the Institution is a College. 

8. Raven

  • The Raven checkbox now read-only and is not editable.
  • It is checked automatically when the 'Staff' or 'Visitor' standings are selected.

9. Previously at the University

  • If you check this box, you must enter their previous/current CRSid.
  • The Previous surname is optional and only used if the surname has changed.

10. Cancel

  • The ‘Clear’ and ‘Abandon’ buttons have been replaced by the Cancel button. It doesn’t cause the page to reload anymore. 


Minor changes to confirmation screens

Non-service users – CRSid only ('Other' Standing)

There is a new confirmation screen for users who only have a CRSid so they can get a University Card:

Registration confirmation

The text on this screen has changed:

Recent requests

The text on this page has changed:


Where a request is pending, you will see this notification: