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We’re switching off the old UniOfCam wifi service and discontinuing the manual ticket-based wifi access service for visitors on 4 March 2024.

How to access wifi

Staff and students should connect to our eduroam service. Once you’ve set devices up using the instructions on our website, your devices will connect automatically whenever you’re near an access point – unlike the old UniOfCam service, which asked you to log in every time. The eduroam service is also more secure than the UniOfCam service because it's fully encrypted. If you have a personal device that cannot connect via eduroam (for example, printers, media streaming devices like Apple TV, and smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home), you can connect it to UniOfCam-IoT.

Visitors and guests can connect to UniOfCam-Guest using an email address or social media account (such as Facebook or LinkedIn). If you’re visiting from another institution that also offers eduroam, you could connect via eduroam. If you’re a long-term guest and don’t have access to eduroam, you can ask the institution you are visiting to apply for a ‘Visitor CRSid’, which would enable you to connect to eduroam.

Need help?

If you have any queries, please contact our Service Desk.

Further information for IT staff

Thank you to all those who contributed to our consultation and participated in our trials of removing the service. With your help, we believe we’ve chosen the best date and ensured that suitable alternative services are available to meet everyone’s needs.

Decommissioning these duplicated services will simplify the University’s wireless offering, improve the user experience, remove the administrative burden of generating and giving out tickets from local teams, improve network security, and reduce the number of underlying systems and technologies we need to maintain.

How we’ll support you

We’ll create and share communications resources you can use to raise awareness of the change, such as email templates, posters and slides for digital screens.

Future developments for the guest wifi service

We are working on the following enhancements to the UniOfCam-Guest service:

  • significantly increasing the connection speed to our Internet Service Provider
  • deploying Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (also known as "Wi-Fi Certified Enhanced Open") – a method of encrypting traffic between the access point and the client device on ‘open’ style guest networks. 

Read more about our wireless services.

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