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IT satisfaction survey results

last modified Jan 31, 2019 11:04 AM
UIS ran a Collegiate University IT Satisfaction Survey for the first time in September 2016. It captured broad sentiment among staff as well as their specific comments. This page shows the headline results.

The survey was sent to 14,570 staff of the University and Colleges. Responses were received from 3,727 staff (25%)

If you have a Raven login you can download a PDF copy of the report that includes preliminary analysis of comments.

Q1: Equipment - I have the IT equipment (hardware such as PCs, printers, scanners, etc.) I need to work effectively.


Count Percent
Agree 2539 71%
Partly Agree 795 22%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 105 3%
Partly Disagree 83 2%
Disagree 75 2%
Total 3597

Q2: Systems - I have the IT systems (information sources and tools) I need to work effectively.


Count Percent
Agree 2175 61%
Partly Agree 1000 28%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 141 4%
Partly Disagree 157 4%
Disagree 75 2%
Total 3548

Q3: Effectively Supported - I am effectively supported in making good use of the IT tools which I am provided.


Count Percent
Agree 1759 50%
Partly Agree 1026 29%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 390 11%
Partly Disagree 213 6%
Disagree 103 3%
Total 3491

Q4: Quick Resolution - IT issues are resolved quickly.


Count Percent
Agree 1664 48%
Partly Agree 1088 31%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 362 10%
Partly Disagree 212 6%
Disagree 138 4%
Total 3464

Q5 - For Information Services I look to:


Count Percent
My local Computer Officer 1767 51%
University Information Services 520 15%
Both 938 27%
Other 223 6%
Total 3448

Q6: Responsive - Information Services are responsive to my needs.


Count Percent
Agree 1562 47%
Partly Agree 748 22%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 845 25%
Partly Disagree 115 3%
Disagree 73 2%
Total 3343

Q7: Easy - Information Services are easy to work with.


Count Percent
Agree 1532 46%
Partly Agree 703 21%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 872 26%
Partly Disagree 140 4%
Disagree 74 2%
Total 3321

Q8: Kept Informed - I am kept informed of Information Services activities that are relevant to me.


Count Percent
Agree 1182 36%
Partly Agree 731 22%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 937 28%
Partly Disagree 267 8%
Disagree 207 6%
Total 3324

If you have a Raven login you can download a PDF copy of the report that includes preliminary analysis of comments.

Analysis of comments is ongoing.

If you have any questions, email us at from an email address.


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