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UIS is enrolling all members of the University in our Google G Suite account, known as G Suite@Cambridge, on 2 May.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is Google's collaborative online work environment, and includes the following apps:

  • Google Drive – an unlimited cloud-based filestore
  • Google Calendar – shared calendars
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms – office productivity apps
  • Google Keep – note-taking app
  • Google Hangouts – text, voice and video conversations (up to 25 people)
  • Google Meet – desktop and mobile videoconferencing for up to 30 participants

See our G Suite@Cambridge page for more details.

What are the benefits?

You'll be able to share and collaborate on Google documents, sheets and slides with anyone with an @cam email address, while keeping them Raven protected. You’ll also have unlimited file storage on Google Drive, and can use it to securely share files with other Cambridge users or set up Team Drives with your colleagues.

What happens if I already have a G Suite account?

It depends whether it's a G Suite@Cambridge account or a personal Google account. You can check which you have by visiting and logging in with your @cam email address. If you're redirected to a Raven login screen, you have a G Suite@Cambridge account. In this case, there'll be no change to your account on 2 May.

If you have a personal Google account registered under your @cam email address, you'll need to choose a new, non-@cam email address for that account. You can do this before 2 May by following the instructions on the Google website, or wait until you’re prompted the next time you log in after 2 May and follow the on-screen instructions. You can use an existing personal email address or create a new Gmail address. You’ll then have a new G Suite@Cambridge account linked to your @cam email address as well as your separate personal Google account.

Can you migrate my personal Google account into a G Suite@Cambridge account?

It's possible, but we wouldn’t recommend it because you'd have access to fewer apps than you currently have on your personal account (see our G Suite@Cambridge web page for details) and your personal account may include personal data that you'd not wish to transfer to the University account. However, if you're still interested we're happy to help – please contact the Service Desk.

Any questions?

You can find out more about G Suite on our G Suite@Cambridge page.

If you have any queries, please contact the UIS Service Desk.

Phone padded  Service status line: (01223 7)67999
Website  Sign up for SMS/email status alerts
Website  Read major IT incident reports

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